Social contact


Feiyang company launched with Facebook, Sina, micro-blog, QQ space features similar to young people's social platform. Users can communicate instantly in various forms by sending voice, pictures and text. Channel to see what's going on in the world. "Friends circle" to share life, to know more friends. The "skin" and "chat" personalized look yourself out of the ordinary. At the same time, the pulse will be launched diaries, weather, schedule, gifts, games and other intimate functions.

Feiyang activity

This is an online and offline combination of urban social products, covering outdoor, cultural, parenting, education, consumption, tourism and other topics. Through these wonderful activities, you can let people in the city out of the virtual space, the theme of social interaction, to know more like-minded people, have better leisure time. At the same time, brand merchants can also show their brand to the city users through activities, and attract users through activities to explain the brand value.

Feiyang community

In order to let different people have the freedom to express, Feiyang community sports, science and technology, polymerization, star products, school, occupation, and other commercial interests, establish mobile community tens of thousands of one billion individual contents and characteristics of the theme. The community has made it a spiritual home for young people to promote the material life of the line and promote it to the spirit of opening up on the internet.