Social recruitment

Internet Product Design Manager (Social Media):

Job description:

1、Responsible for the planning and design of the fly master station and M end products;

2、Design and plan product function, business process, and prepare related product documents;

3、Responsible for client product interaction interface and process prototype design;

4、Follow up and study the product data, analyze the operation result, and grasp the operation of the product;

5、Analyze user behavior and requirements, collect user feedback, optimize and improve product continuously。

Job requirements:

1、Three + years work experience in Web App Product Manager;

2、Passionate, idealistic, adaptable and communicative;

3、 Good taste, accumulation of knowledge and experience on user experience in various fields;

4、Concerned about the development of mobile Internet industry, more sensitive to new applications and new technologies, have unique views on the development trend of the industry;

5、 Familiar with data statistics, be good at using data analysis method to plan APP product optimization and promotion plan;

6、Understand the operation, understand the market, understand the fans, like young people。

Game business and Operations Manager:

Job responsibilities:

1.Responsible for the introduction of high-quality games (at home and abroad), cooperation, negotiation, coordination of company resources, complete product production, and promote the successful listing of products;

2.Evaluate and take charge of incoming game product quality, including product translation, outsourcing, docking and proofreading;

3.Collate, collect and analyze industry trends, monitor and analyze competitors' cooperation.

Job requirements:

1.Love games, board games, Mobile Games game experience is preferred;

2.At least 6 more than English in reading and writing, translation rules game experience is preferred;

3.Good communication and coordination skills, sense of responsibility, team work spirit and management ability;

4.Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years related experience is preferred.

Advertising customer service manager

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the implementation of important customer proposals

2. Depth study of customer products, grasp the customer's market competition and advertising dynamics;

3. Work out customer maintenance plan, consolidate and improve customer relationship, and maintain long-term cooperation;

4. Engage in daily customer liaison, keep abreast of customer requests and feedback to the director;

5. Plan customer's product advertising strategy and plan, satisfy and guide customers' advertising communication target;

6. Arrange, coordinate and push the progress of the internal cooperation team and supervise the implementation of the external cooperation units;

7. Communicate with customers, manage projects, control the ideas and implementation of brand strategy, and be responsible for customer satisfaction.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in marketing, advertising, media studies is preferred;

2. Familiar with advertising operation process, advertising strategy, strong interpersonal and PR skills;

3. More than 2 years AM experience, 4A background is preferred, service, well-known brand, whole case experience is preferred;

4. Have rich experience in FMCG industry, online or offline service, preferably with famous brand service experience;

5. Love the advertising industry, with toughness and high sense of responsibility, good psychological quality, able to work under pressure;

6. Excellent writing and communication skills, over 2 CASE, good proposal ability and strong negotiation skills;

7. Team management and customer control skills.