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You must read and understand this statement carefully before using any of the services offered by the company. You may choose not to use the fly, but if you use the fly, your usage will be considered as an endorsement of all the content of this announcement. In view of Feiyang for the headline, column, topic and other related content, micro-blog released the third party service platform, you use a Feiyang can not infringe any third party rights, any tort liability or otherwise the results arising from your own, resulting in the loss of Feiyang, including but not limited to direct losses and available the loss of interest, and the necessary expenses for Feiyang rights will be borne by you. In view of characteristics of the third party as a Feiyang platform, a large number of contents, materials and data are not Feiyang directly, but directly by the user or by Feiyang to provide relevant information to the user after the collection of dust generation, does not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, timeliness, validity and integrity of the information website. When you use this website, you must judge independently and bear the corresponding consequences. Feiyang without any form of assurance: ensure that the provision of services to meet your requirements, not to ensure uninterrupted service, does not guarantee the network condition, communication lines, third party websites and other reasons, you cannot use normal Feiyang, in all such situations, flies do not bear any legal responsibility. Accident, negligence, all because of the use of Feiyang may be stricken and infringement losses (including because of the mistaken belief that advertising information on the website of Feiyang transaction or payment), Feiyang is not responsible for, nor assume any legal liability. Any unit or individual that Feiyang the contents, materials and data and other information may be suspected of violations of the right to network dissemination of information, the right of reputation and any other legitimate rights and interests, please follow the Feiyang "network information infringement complaint guidelines" to submit a written notice and Feiyang rights, according to the requirements to provide relevant identity, proof of ownership and infringement. If such infringement belongs to the specific services provided by the Feiyang party, the infringer shall notify or inform in accordance with the specific agreements, guidelines or rules required under the specific item. The obligee shall ensure that the statement in writing, the information in the notice and the relevant materials provided are true, valid and lawful, and shall undertake all the legal liabilities arising therefrom. Upon receipt of the above-mentioned legal documents, the initial verification will be carried out as soon as possible, and necessary measures will be taken to avoid the expansion of the infringement situation.

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The "Feiyang" (text), "phoenix image + Feiyang" (image + text), "Feiyang phoenix image" (image + text + URL), "Feiyang phoenix image" (image + text + URL), trademark logo, trademark portfolio for the company or registered with the main relationship trademarks or trademarks, protected by law, tort. Without the written permission of the trademark owner or the company, any units and individuals shall not in any way or reason for the trademark infringement of all or any part of the use, copy, modify, copy and spread any way, or bundled with other products using the sales. Any infringement of the company's trademark rights, the company will be held accountable according to law. Hereby solemnly declare the law!