Campus practice

Social operations Intern

Job responsibilities:

1、Responsible for the management and maintenance of the community and the circle, and answer the questions from the users;

2、Responsible for community members to pull new, group topic planning, to promote user activity;

3、Improve community activity, understand user needs, enhance user stickiness.

Post condition:

1、Be passionate about fashion and know all kinds of brands;

2、Good verbal and interpersonal skills;

3、The current student union, associations, class cadres, campus work study is preferred.

PHP Intern

Job responsibilities:

1、Skilled and appropriate application of common data structures and algorithms;

2、Adhere to the team's code format, code security, code structure requirements, and write readable, maintainable, high-quality, efficient code;

3、Assist website, mobile application, back end program development, database structure design and construction.

Post condition:

1、College Students;

2、Computer related major;

3、Have a clear grasp of data structure, able to write PHP independently.

Advertising Sales Intern

Job responsibilities:

1、Actively develop new brand customer resources, build and maintain good, mutual trust customer relationships, and tap long-term business opportunities for deep cooperation with customers.

2、Analyze customer's commercial communication target and offer high value communication suggestion.

3、Combine the company's products, develop perfect advertising program.

Post condition:

1、University degree or above, major in advertising, media, marketing is preferred;

2、Clear thinking, good communication skills and language skills, cheerful personality;

3、Perseverance, perseverance, diligent in running enterprises is preferred.