Company profile

Feiyang company was founded in Fuzhou in November 2012. Fuzhou Feiyang Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a future oriented, young oriented, providing innovative, scientific, dynamic social, entertainment, learning, lifestyle Internet technology companies.

Feiyang has more than 20 independent research and development of core Internet products, including social media (news, instant messaging, social space), e-commerce (online payment, electronic mall, customer service), enterprise applications (OA\ERP\CRM), various aspects of big data analysis. Among them, PEENTO OA system won 2014-2015 years of "China Science and technology management innovation outstanding achievement award"". In August 2015, Feiyang with the Fujian Normal University, established the "smart city Collaborative Innovation Center", jointly study the wisdom of the city's system and architecture issues.

In March 2015, the Feiyang company was listed on the Internet, creating a gateway for young people and moving into the youth, social, media and gaming markets. Up to now, the registered users exceeded about 5000000, with monthly average PV exceeding 30 million, global ALEXA ranked 6000, and China ranked 400.