Management team

Yu Yintu: Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Yu Yintu is one of the innovators in the software industry. Before entering the company, served as Fujian southeast network company technical manager, leading the team to create China one of the earliest e-commerce company EXT ERP products, VR products China first city southeast 720 degrees City, China the earliest southeast mall and commercial products in Fujian Province Based on government encryption encryption protection system. In June 2013, he became CEO of Feiyang.

Chen Meixiang: Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Chen Meixiang is a Feiyang No. 1 employee. Ms. Chen Meixiang has worked as editor in Fujian online and happy Chinese magazine. In addition, before Feiyang, she is China e-commerce company, one of the earliest southeast mall business representatives and team leader, responsible for the mall business development, has a rich team organization and business development experience.

Mr. Huang: product director

Mr. Huang has been a product director since 2015. He has eight years of experience in the field of IT product development, and a number of well-known enterprises in Fujian province has close cooperation, research and development of products covering the underlying equipment, application software, as well as a number of front-end areas. It is also an expert in the field of data operations.

Wang Bin: technical director

Mr. Wang Bin has served as technical director of Feiyang company since 2015. Five years of Internet and software development experience, familiar with PHP and JAVA architecture, proficient in mainstream open source framework, master large data analysis technology. In the field of online product experience, Mr. Wang Bin has a profound understanding.